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Soccer Saturday
Soccer Saturday 2024 will be held on Saturday, July 13th.
Soccer Saturday is OYSC's annual end of the year tournament, held at Winnebago County Park. Soccer Saturday is a double-elimination tournament, so every team is in a minimum of two games.
2024 Brackets

Brackets for the 2024 tournament will be available closer to Soccer Saturday.

Soccer Saturday Game Duration

All games for Soccer Saturday will be one half the time of a regular season game with a brief water break halfway through the game. This break will be approximately 2 minutes. Teams will switch sides after the water break.

Age Group
Game Duration
Pre-K / K
Two 10 minute halves (20 minutes total)
1st-2nd Grade
Two 12.5 minute halves (25 minutes total)
3rd-5th Grade
Two 12.5 minute halves (25 minutes total)
Middle School
Two 17.5 minute halves (35 minutes total)
High School Coed
Two 20 minute halves (40 minutes total)
Soccer Saturday Policies & Procedures
Summary of Rules for Soccer Saturday
  1. Matches will begin with the Home team kicking off.
  2. Halfway through each match, the teams will reverse sides and restart with a kickoff. Referees will allow a very short water break at this time. Remember, these games are short!
  3. Substitutions from either team that are waiting at the center stripe will be allowed at any throw-in, goal kick or after a goal, with the referee's permission.
  4. Final games in both brackets will have a 5 minute sudden victory period if the teams are tied after regulation. If the teams remain tied after this 5 minute period, a winner will be determined via a shoot-out.
  5. All player and coach disciplinary actions will be reported by referees.
  6. If games are stopped due to severe weather, referees will make note of the time remaining and report it to the official game scorer in the referee's tent. When the game resumes, the game will start from the time reported by the referee.
Field Locations

Fields in ORANGE. Parking in RED. Soccer Shelter in BLUE.
Field locations and sizes are approximate.

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