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Sponsors & Friends
Every year, kids want to participate in the OYSC program. Our goal is to allow as many young people to play as possible, but we can't do it without the support of local businesses, organizations, individuals, or someone like you! If you might be interested in sponsoring a team, please contact us. In the meantime, please patronize the following businesses and organizations, and thank them for their generous support of our upcoming season!
Seeking New Sponsors!

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors. Without them we couldn't provide soccer for over 1000 youths. Our goal is to allow as many kids to play as possible. We can't do this without growing our sponsorship base.

Why sponsor an OYSC team? Sponsorship of a youth soccer team will get your business or organization name exposure out on the field, but most of all, you'll be supporting the youth in our community!

Want to learn more about sponsoring a team? Thanks for your interest!

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