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Team Info
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Grades 1-2 - Boys
Scott Berndt
Stephanie Brooks
Bridget Thorpekavanaugh
Team Announcement
Sunday’s practice was excellent! It was the most fun I’ve had on a practice field! Thank you so much for showing your parents and myself respect. Remember young men to play hard always for your teammates and cheer them on too. We have a game againt Bellville C Tuesday the 17th at 645. Please be 20 or 30 minutes early to the game for warmups and referee check -in.
Im still remembering names but I see the Eye of The Tiger in Team Pepsi. Lets rock and roll tomorrow! PS you can ask me anything about the game of soccer because it will take each of us a lifetime the learn how to play it right. Let’s Go!
Date Time Opponent Field Result
05/17 6:45 PM at Fletcher Chiropractic County Park #12 Lost 2-6
05/22 6:45 PM Capital Credit Union County Park #12 ---
05/24 5:30 PM at Klinger Painting, Inc. County Park #10 ---
05/31 5:30 PM Singer Music Studio County Park #11 ---
06/07 5:30 PM at Play It Again Sports County Park #10 ---
06/14 6:45 PM at Capital Credit Union County Park #9 ---
06/21 5:30 PM Fletcher Chiropractic County Park #12 ---
06/28 6:45 PM Klinger Painting, Inc. County Park #12 ---
07/05 5:30 PM at Singer Music Studio County Park #10 ---
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